Homeschool Review - Ruth Beechick Series - 3 Rs

Here is another homeschool review of a great book set. This set of homeschool books is commonly known as the 3 R's. There are 3 booklets called "A Strong Start in Language", "An Easy Start in Arithmetic", and "A Home Start in Reading".

Some homeschoolers I know say that these 3 little booklets are all you need to homeschool through grade 3.

The first booklet Strong Start in Language" gives you some powerful natural methods to teach your child. There are also grade level guidelines, how to teach spelling, and sample lessons.

The second booklet "Easy Start in Arithmetic" helps you understand the processes that your child needs to go through to understand math concepts. This really helped me in teaching my children because I could teach them what they needed to know next after they mastered the previous area of math. This booklet also has grade guidelines and teaching suggestions.

The third booklet "A Home Start in Reading" explains the steps to teaching reading. There are some prereading guidelines and a good progression of how to teach reading. The charts in the book are also helpful for teaching reading. She also touches on writing, spelling and fluency.

Or you can get them all in one volume - The 3 R's - One Volume Edition

When people ask me what they need for homeschooling the early years, these books are always the first recommendations on my list. I highly recommend this set.

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