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homeschool mentor

What is a homeschool mentor and how can you get one if you need one?

If you are a parent who is still in the beginning stages of homeschooling your children, then you might want to have a good homeschool mentor to back you up. Put it this way, the very moment you decide to educate your children at home, you have the responsibility to get them the best education that you can muster with your resources.

Although you are pretty knowledgeable with what you have to do, it is still good if you have an homeschool coach to help guide you. Even though you might not be a licensed teacher and have exceptional teaching skills, you can still homeschool your children with success.

First of all, what exactly is this mentor and how precisely can they “back you up”? A mentor is a person who has gathered enough experiences with the field you are just beginning to venture. In other words, they will help you find the resources and information you need to homeschool your children. If you are interested to know how you can get one of these mentors right away, then here is what you should do.

Begin by scanning your contacts and connections. Surely, you must know at least one person in your network of friends, family and colleagues who have done homeschooling before. Just look for this person, and ask them to assist you with your own homeschooling plans. And that’s it, you’ve got a mentor.

However, if you happen not to know any person that will fit this situation at all, then don’t fret. There’s always the ease of technology. You can find many homeschool forums and receive information there. You might even find someone there that would be willing to mentor you. Some parents, like myself, have their own home school story and put up their own sites to mentor other homeschooling parents.

If you are lucky enough, you might even come across free mentoring services. For a small fee I make myself available for an hour of phone consultation as a homeschool coach. That usually helps many parents get on the right track of knowing what they need to purchase and how they need to approach teaching their children at home.

Of course, it’ll depend on you whether you would like to take on your homeschooling venture alone or with a mentor. Many people prefer to just talk to their spouse, observe their children and pray to God for guidance. Sometimes God brings people into our lives to help guide us too. But if you want to start homeschooling and don't think that you can handle it alone, there’s always a homeschool mentor or homeschool coach just waiting for your call.

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