Homeschool Latin Program that is Easy to Use

We all know studying a foreign language is important, but homeschool Latin just wasn't clicking for us. We had tried different programs, but we just couldn't get our hands on a program that taught in an easy and organized format. I heard about Getting Started with Latin and decided to look it over.

homeschool latin

Any time I see something that is self-teaching, I am interested in it because I believe that my children should teach themselves as much as possible. Since my son is only 10, I knew that we would be learning together, but the self-teaching aspect is great for older kids.

The book is broken down into 134 lessons. Each lesson is on one page and takes just a few minutes to introduce. As with any language (especially Latin) you need to be sure to get the proper pronunciation for words. The author Mr. Linney has though of that too. He has provided a website that has a short audio of him speaking about each lesson. You can download them to your computer or just listen online.

Most lessons give you one new word to learn along with sentences that bring in the previous vocabulary words. All the answers are provided in the back of the book so there is no need to purchase an answer key.

I think it is very important for children to know Latin or at least some Latin roots. This helps them with their understanding of vocabulary and then helps them later in high school when they have to take the ACT and/or SAT tests.

How we use this homeschool latin program:

Basically, we just do a lesson a day. It takes just a few minutes to read over the few words on the page. Then we listen to the audio for that lesson and review some of the words in the previous lessons. This has been the easiest language course I have ever used. You could probably get a fancier, more expensive program for high school students, but for elementary and junior high, this program is great. A high schooler or adult that wants a starter course would also do well with this book.

I really couldn't find any negative points to this book. We are looking forward to using this simple and well organized format for the months to come. So many of the other books we tried start throwing a ton of vocabulary, conjugations and translations at us WAY too fast. This book moves at just the right pace and with just the right informationneeded for someone wanting to learn Latin with no background in the language.

If you're looking for an easy to use yet comprehensive homeschool Latin program, then Getting Started with Latin is a great choice.