Homeschool Lapbooks - Ideas, Templates and Learning!

There are many sources homeschoolers can use to make homeschool lapbooks. For those people that are creative, lapbooks are easy, but for those of us who are not creative, lapbooks can sometimes be difficult to design. Here you will find all the sources I have found for making lapbooks.

homeschool lapbooks

What are homeschool lapbooks anyways?

Homeschool lapbooks are basically mini books that the students make related to what they are studying. They put all these mini books together and either put them on a posterboard or in a fold out template. Lapbooks are great to use if you have a hands-on learner. Some places offer their templates in digital format or as preprinted kits.

They can be used as your complete curriculum or just as a fun way to reinforce what your children are learning. You can use them to learn a subject, review what you have learned, or just for fun. They are easy to pick up once they are done to use for review or for a student to show their older sibling or parent what they have been learning. Usually younger children like lapbooks more than older students because you do a lot of cutting and pasting which is usually more fun for younger children.

Where can I get templates?

One place where you can get complete instructions for lapbooks is at Tapestry of Grace. They have four complete years you can download that come complete with templates and kits. They even have a 3 week unit study lapbook on Egypt that you can download for free (click on "Tapestry of Grace" at the top of the page and then scroll down to "free samples") to see if you like their format.

All their lapbooks coordinate with their curriculum and are a great way to help your hands on learner enjoy learning and retain what they learned. If you only have one or two children, then you can get their preprinted kits, but if you have more children, then their homeschool lapbooks templates would be more economical for you to use. The templates can be printed and used for any member of the family.

The lapbook units are reasonably priced and can be purchased individually or as a set. There is a discount when you order from their website and they also have colored cardstock available for purchase to really make your labooks stand out.

You can also find resources for free lapbooks and get ideas from others. I think there is a program called homeschool share where homeschoolers share their ideas for lapbooks. I always found it a little confusing to wade through, so the kits were much more desirable for me.

Another tremendous resource for lapbook kits is CurrClick. They have tons of lapbook templates, units and ideas that you can purchase very inexpensively. The best part is that it gets downloaded to your computer right away. You don't have to wait for it to come in the mail. You can start using them right away. Check out CurrClick and see what kind of treasures you can find there.

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