Homeschool Geometry Curriculum Options and Choices for Students

When looking for a homeschool Geometry curriculum, parents have several factors to consider when choosing the right program for their student. Usually cost, ease of use, method of teaching, and teacher preparation all play into the decision of which program to use.

Geometry is a different type of math than Algebra. Some students welcome this change and others do not. Some schools teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 before they teach Geometry. Others teach Algebra 1, Geometry, and then Algebra 2. I prefer the first way, but that decision is up to the parent.

In my opinion, at this age, the Geometry program that you choose should be self teaching. Once a student is of high school age, the parent should not have to be very involved in their learning except to help with occasional problems.

Here are some popular homeschool Geometry curriculum choices available to homeschool families:

homeschool geometry curriculum

Saxon Geometry - Saxon used to include their Geometry program in with Algebra 2 but now I see that they have a separate homeschool Geometry curriculum. You can also get their DIVE cds to help explain the material even more.

Math U See Geometry - We used this program with a couple of our children with success. The student can read over the teacher lesson or the parent can explain it to them. There are also DVDs where the creator of the program explains each lesson with examples.

Abeka - They use the spiral approach to math with lots of review. Here is my complete Abeka review.

Bob Jones - A major textbook publisher that has been around for years. This is your standard textbook approach with student text and teacher manual.

Key To Geometry - You can use this as a refresher course or just a simple approach for a student who wants a short 8 booklet Geometry program.

Lifepac Gepmetry from AOP - This program contains 10 booklets that the student works through to complete.

Monarch Geometry - This program is also from AOP (Alpha Omega Publications) only all the lessons and work are done online. This is cutting edge technology available to your student 24/7.

Switched on Schoolhouse - This is AOP's CD version of Geometry. The program keeps the student on track by telling them when their lessons are due and allowing them to enter all their answers on the computer. This is also a multimedia approach to teaching Geometry.

Singapore - I have always thought Singapore only had math programs for elementary ages, but they also have a quite extensive Geometry program too.

Teaching Textbooks - This is a newer program that has become very popular. There are DVDs that help teach and video that explains each problem in the book.

Spectrum - For grades 6-8 to give your student a basic start in Geometry. This also helps them with standardized tests.

Harold Jacobs - There are some rave reviews of this program that talk about how innovative this program is when it comes to a homeschool Geometry curriculum. I've never used it or even seen a book, but it looks like it is worth checking out.

Math Mammoth - Like Spectrum, this is a program designed for 4th-6th graders to introduce them to Geometry concepts. There is a level 1 and 2 that you can get in this series. It's VERY affordable!

Video Text Geometry - Helps students understand Geometry through mastery learning. The kit comes with DVDs and print material. There are 3 modules available - A, B, and C.

Tenmarks - A unique online math program that teaches Geometry in a personalized and interactive setting. Students can ask for hints and see video explanations of each step of a problem. It automatically and instantly grades each problem and tells students how to do the problems correctly if they got them wrong. This is definitely a program worth checking out!

I hope these homeschool Geometry curriculum suggestions have helped you learn a little more about the programs that are available to homeschoolers and will help you make an informed decision.

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If you need a homeschool coach to help you figure out what is best for your children, feel free to contact me.

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