Home Economics

by shelly

My daughter had a lot of fun doing a cooking and food services course. We used the Joy of Cooking cookbook as a text book. She learned the cooking terms, definitions, procedures. However she also used the internet to glean International Cuisine recipes.

In order to get the necessary hours she cooked one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner every week.

She also prepared several meals throughout the course where she invited friends. The table was set according to the theme, i.e. Indian, Arabic, Italian.

We took photographs of these galas and used them in her portfolio.

Response: That's a terrific idea. I have 2 children who like to cook - one I can't get off Food Network. I think she will love this unit study. What a great idea to use The Joy of Cooking as a textbook!

I'm sure there are other books like this on other topics that you could use for unit studies too - maybe a sewing book or car manual...

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