Heart of Dakota

by Crystal

I have used Heart of Dakota for three levels now (pre-k, K and 1st). I have used Little Hands to Heaven, Little Hearts for His Glory and am currently using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory.

My daughter enjoys the activities that tie into our daily readings. The instruction feels gentle, yet she is retaining much of what is taught. She can easily recall Bible verses that she memorized last year using Heart of Dakota. And we love how the history, science and Bible all tie together giving this a unit study feel.

I have tried a few other literature based programs, but continue to find my way back to Heart of Dakota (HOD) products. Other programs have great looking books, but our family feels the programs are only an overpriced reading schedule with a choppy feeling.

Each HOD guide not only schedules in the books to read, but gives the teacher a key point or short directions for each subject area. The activities aren't just a craft book that is scheduled, instead, the author gives instructions and ties it into your learning experience.

Using other programs, it was all we could do to get the basic subjects (math, reading, science and history) covered each day. Now we are enjoying Bible memory work or study which relates to our learning. As well as enjoying music, poetry and story time selections in a variety of genre each year.

The part that my husband loves the most is that we are able to do all this at a very reasonable price especially since a lot of the materials can be used again with our son in later years. We have already placed a portion of our order for the next level (Bigger Hearts for His Glory) and are looking forward to continuing our education with Heart of Dakota.

My comments: I thought I have heard of all the possible books and resources but I have never heard of this one. It looks wonderful! I am definitely going to check it out for next year. It sounds like it would fit our family very well. Thanks for sharing!


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Jan 14, 2012
Best Complete Curriculum
by: NutBugs

I have to agree with you. This is my first year using Bigger with my son and daughter. I have yet to have a day of school that any of the three of us have not enjoyed. I even started blogging about our week. www.NutBugs.com. I think it is one of the best complete curriculums around and I have used many trying to find the right fit for both my children. I highly recommend HOD!

Jun 19, 2011
We love HOD!!
by: Anonymous

I've used Little Hands, Little Hearts, Beyond Little Hearts, Bigger Hearts, and part of Preparing Hearts.... and I still love it!! It's just perfect.

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