Hands of A Child Lapbooks

by Michelle Tustin
(Nevada, Missouri)

We have used Hands of a Child Lapbooks to go along with anything we are studying at the time. These are a great supplement to what my girls are learning.

Recently my oldest daughter was very intrigued by Greek and Roman Mythology. Of course, I headed over to the Hands of A Child website and immediately ordered a lapbook for just such a subject. She really enjoyed it and seemed to just fly right through the lapbook. That was the one thing she looked forward to each day.

We have used the lapbooks for almost every subject there is and holidays too! What I especially love is that you have several options of how you purchase the lapbooks. You can download them or have them sent to you along with a kit. The kit includes all the activities already printed or you can order a cd. Also you can order the answer keys as well.

One thing that has saved us a lot of money is that the website offers a $5.00 ebook lapbook of the week. I highly recommend Hands of a Child!

My Comments: We have used Hands of a Child lapbooks too. They are a great resource for children that like hands on activities or moms that need some help putting together an extra unit or supplement. It's all laid out for you!

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