First Language Lessons

by Patty Melvin
(Marianna, FL, USA)

We have been using First Language Lessons for six years. We began with the first level for grades one and two. I have used it with three of my children and they all loved the lessons. We liked it because most of it was oral,repetitive, and quick to complete. Plus we only needed to do English three times each week.

As the level 3 and 4 books were printed we began to use them. Again the lessons were formatted to be accomplished in a small amount of time and usually three times per week. We began the first level in the 2 and 3 grade. The level 3 we actually repeated two years and then moved to level 4 which we will repeat twice. This covered our elementary years.

The memorization and continual repetition between levels builds and helps my children grasp the concepts so much better. There was really nothing we did not like about this curriculum. It is a stress free easy way to introduce and teach basic grammar to your child.

My Comments: I completely agree! I used the first book too for grades 1 & 2 with my son and really liked it. We are on level 3 now and sometimes skip sections he already knows. I wish I had found the First Language Lessons series a long time ago when my daughters were little, but I'm glad we have it now.

I also like that it doesn't take long to do these lessons, yet they are very effective in helping my son know and remember what he needs to know.

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