Chalkdust Math

If you are looking for an additional Geometry/Math curriculum, I have found ChalkDust Math to be ideal. We found Saxon too repetitive in Alg 1, so the next year switched to Teaching Textbooks.

My daughter did not feel like TT Geometry covered the topic thoroughly enough. We also tried Chicago Math for Alg 2, but it is not geared to home schooling families -- or at least our family.

Last year we used Chalk Dust for Pre-Calc (and Geometry for my younger daughter) and found it to be an excellent match for our family. This year we have been equally happy with Chalk Dust Alg 2 & Calculus. For my students, we like the combination of a textbook bases curriculum along with the DVD explanation.

I had read on home schooling forums how to purchase the DVDs labeled Houghton Mifflin, which are much more affordable -- just make sure the textbook edition matches the DVDs.

I've also noticed that those who buy the full price set, usually have a fairly good resale price to other home schooling families. I would also say that Chalk Dust suits us well because the combination enables them to have an instructor in DVD form who can teach them in more depth than I would in high school level Math.

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