by shelly

We arranged to take a few home schooling students to a local grocery store with a bakery department. The store readily agreed to give the students a tour of their bakery premise and also showed them how they decorated the cakes.

We happened to live near a beautician school so we approached the school and they arranged a tour and the students also learned the rudiments of hair cutting, styling.

We found that many such schools/institutions are very easy to approached and usually are very happy to have students come in.

My Response: Thanks Shelly, for sharing that. What a great idea. I'm sure trade schools are more than willing to showcase their place in hopes that students will want to attend there in the future. This could probably work for auto repair, electrical, plumbing, builders, etc.

People that really love their jobs (like cake decorating) like to talk about what they do in hopes that someone else will choose the same profession and be just as happy.

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