Beyond the Hedge Review

Recently the author of Beyond the Hedge gave me an ebook copy of her new book to review. They contacted me because they thought this book would appeal to homeschoolers or those that like good literature.

The book is 260 pages long and tells the story of twins who moved from the city to the country because of their father's veterinary practice. They have a loving mother at home too but the one twin named Missy is having a hard time at school. She seems to think she is not as pretty, popular, or athletic as her twin sister and now has a school bully giving her even more problems.

At the beginning of the story she and her father come across a very tame wild deer that their family adopts. The family names the deer Davlin and it follows them everywhere and becomes a favored family pet.

One day Missy and Davlin go "beyond the hedge" and are taken into a magical fairy land called Fayria. This is where their adventure begins. Missy meets friends who are gentle and kind. The land needs her help in fighting their enemy so Missy goes on a mission. She comes across all kinds of adventures with the animals and feels needed.

Many aspects of this story remind me of various parts of the Narnia series. There are some references to different Bible verses and good character qualities are encouraged.

The story can easily have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. As the story unfolds and ends the reader sees how much Missy has matured and been healed of some of the hurt and bullying that she endured the past year. For the complete details you have to read the story...

There are 3 ways you can get this book:

1) You can order it on Amazon - Beyond the Hedge

2) You can order it directly from the publisher - here.

3) Or directly from author if want a signed copy – email - Pay by check or money order since they are not set up for credit card purchases. Postage and handling included in price.

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