Best Weight Loss Plan

After searching for the best weight loss plan for many years and failing at getting to the size I desired to be, I wanted to share with my readers how I have finally found a way to lose weight and keep it off. I know many women who struggle with weight issues no matter how much they exercise or eat well.

In September of 2011 a friend of mine shared with me that she had lost 3" on her waist in just 6 weeks just by drinking fat burning coffee and tea. She also told me about her friend who shrank to a size 10 from a size 12 right before her eyes during that time too. This really peaked my interest and sounded like the best weight loss plan I had ever heard of because the waist area seems to be a very difficult place for me to lose weight. My friend was also on vacation during most of this time and just ate a normal diet too.

Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I ordered the fat burning tea and started my journey. The tea really doesn't taste like tea to me at all. It is a powder that is mixed with cold water and tastes more like fruit punch or Koolaid to me and most of the people I have let sample it. I drank the tea 1 hour or more before lunch every day. It gave me energy and helped my body to burn fat. I started seeing results after just one week and after one month I had lost 10 inches (2 of those inches were off my waist!)! I didn't understand how this could have happened since I was just eating a normal diet. I'm a size 6, so losing 10 inches is quite an accomplishment. You would think that a 200 pound person could lose that in a month, but not a person who is a size 6.

I don't really understand how the tea helped me burn fat, but then I don't understand how electricity works either and yet I use it every day. When we drink regular black coffee or diet sodas, we think we are getting a low calorie drink when, in fact, we are drinking something that causes our body's blood sugar to spike and causes our body to start storing fat. I don't know about you, but I don't really want my body to start storing more fat! When you drink fat burning tea and coffee, you are using buffered caffeine that actually helps your body start burning fat instead of storing it.

The key to the whole system is to drink the coffee or tea at least 1 hour before a meal. Some people drink it first thing in the morning and then have a snack or breakfast an hour later while others drink it an hour or more before lunch or mid afternoon. I don't recommend drinking it too late in the day because it will probably keep you awake at night.

The coffee or tea can be taken once or twice a day as part of your best weight loss plan. Once a day was plenty for me, but some people might want a more aggressive approach if they have a lot of weight to lose.

As part of my best weight loss plan, I made sure that I weighed and measured myself before I even started. This way I could tell if I was making progress. If you don't weigh and measure, you have a harder time sticking with it because you don't have real numbers before you, just how your clothes feel.

If you would like to talk with me more about how my best weight loss plan might work for you or if you have some more questions that I didn't answer here, feel free to contact me. I have a fact sheet that I made out for my friends that has helped them understand the whole system better. If you would like me to send the fact sheet to you by email, just contact me and let me know that.

If you want to order what I used, then you can go to and look over the information there. The fat burning tea is already sweetened and the coffee is not. If you drink your coffee black, then that is the cheapest option because 1 packet of coffee makes 4-6 cups. One packet of the tea makes one 12 ounce serving. If you need to add anything to your coffee, you will also need to purchase the BSweet and/or BCreamy from this company. If you use the fat burning coffee and add your own sweetener or creamer to it, then the fat burning effects will be negated.

There are two prices you can choose - wholesale and retail. The wholesale price involves getting your choice of product shipped to you every 30 days and the retail is a one time purchase. The automatic shipping can be canceled at any time, but is well worth the cost savings in my book.

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