Alpha Omega LifePac Second Grade

by Kelli

I like Alpha Omega LifePac Second Grade. The pages are black and white which don't look intimidating. My child seems to enjoy ready pages where there is not a lot of color. The directions are easy to understand. My second grader can read and self learn herself with these easy directions and do the work herself. Lots of neat ways to teach by coloring, glue and paste. Bible verses are written through out the curriculum and we love to study them. Gives us what to study for the day or week. The curriculum is not inundated with them and I like that. Example real names of different ethnicity are used through out the curriculum. Real world I only know one person named Moses and he's a baby. Real world names and experiences I like. Teaches what other children do in other countries and how they love God too runs smoothly through the lessons. I give thumbs up to Alpha Omega.

My son uses the complete curriculum from FlashKids-Harcourt you can buy in Barnes and Nobles. There is Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts, Music in one whole book! It has so much that it has lead us to unit studies. The Spelling chapter in this curriculum has Language Arts in it too. The spelling chapter has Language Arts combine in it so I really don't have to do the separate Language Arts chapter. My son likes this curriculum because all the subjects are short and to the point. There is limited writing. I let him type if he wants. In conjunction, my son self teaches himself with every subject. He reads Time, Wimpy Kid, Newspaper on his own for Language Arts. I let him pay and save with his own money and calculate tithes (decimals:-) for church. He knows what he wants to put in for offering too -Math. Alpha Omega and The Complete Curriculum from Flash Kids-Harcourt are my favorites.

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