Ohio and Other States Homeschool Academic Assessment Information

In Ohio, homeschoolers need to send in an academic assessment report at the end of each school year. This report should be accompanied by EITHER the results of a nationally standardized achievement test OR a written narrative of the student's work that has been reviewed by a certified teacher.

Homeschool Testing

Parents who have their child tested each year, just send in the results of this test to their local or county superintendent. It's a pretty simple process. They take their child to a testing location for a few days in the spring. I recently heard that Christian Liberty has standardized tests that parents can give their children at home. I have never used a standardized test for our end-of-the-year evaluation, but it's an option that some parents choose.

Just Academic Assessments

academic assessment

Those parents that choose to have their children assessed by a certified teacher just need to gather up a collection of their child's work and either have a certified teacher come to their house or go to their house or a facility where they can meet.

During the school year I have a folder on a bookshelf where I put all my children's important papers. When they draw a picture, write a story or complete a workbook, it all goes into their folder. Then when it comes time to meet with the certified teacher, I just have to sort through the folder and organize things by subject.

The main thing that the teacher should be looking for is "academic progress in accordance with the child's abilities." Has the child progressed in their learning this year? Are they working up to their potential and close to their grade level? If your child did most of what you requested of them this year, then they should have no problem being approved by a teacher. If you have hardly any work to show for the year or you can't explain what you have been doing all year, then you might have reason to worry.

Ohio Academic Assessment Form

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The Ohio form for academic assessment is pretty simple and straightforward. You just fill in your child's name on the spaces provided and the certified teacher signs their name and includes their teaching certificate number. Although this isn't as easy as some states where they are just required to take attendance, it's still not a bad way to measure whether a student is working up to their abilities for the year.

Remember that thousands of families go through this process every year. It is not rocket science! Most teachers that have been teaching for any length of time can tell if a child has progressed during the year.

I would not choose a teacher who is totally against homeschooling. Most teachers respect parents and their choices and will be willing to help the parents in what they have chosen for their children. Don't be afraid to ask the teacher if they have any suggestions for you for how you can improve your learning for the next year.

Most teachers charge a fee like $25 for meeting with you but some just do it for free. Tests vary in price but most are very affordable.

Some parents have their children present when the teacher looks at their work and others don't bring their children along. I think it's a good idea for students to be present since it is their work that is being evaluated. Sometimes it helps them work harder next year when they know that a teacher will be looking at their work.

For more information on how to notify your school district that you will be homeschooling, you can check Ohio home school or let me know if you have any questions.

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